Hide and Seek Alone

Playing hide-and-seek-alone is quite popular in various parts of Asia. Those who have tried it report that it actually works and that they felt their lives were threatened.

You will need:

  • A doll with legs. (The doll serves as a place for the spirit to enter, therefore it is advised that you not use a human doll or a doll that you really like because there is a great chance that the spirit will not leave the doll.)
  • Rice (The spirit that eats this offering is said to grow stronger)
  • Red thread (This symbolizes blood and acts of restraint)
  • Something from your body (Fingernails are the most commonly used, but some use their own blood, skin, hair, etc. Don’t use someone else’s body parts or else it becomes a curse.)
  • Weapon (Something to stab the doll with so that you can anger it. Real knives are dangerous, so most people use pencils or needles.)
  • Salt water or alcohol (Without this, the game won’t end. This material is used to get rid of the spirit.)
  • Hiding place 
  • A name (Giving the spirit a name is the most powerful thing a human can give. Names give spirits great power.)

Step 1: Cut the doll and replace its insides with rice. 

Step 2: Place something from your body into the doll. 

Step 3: Wrap the doll with the red thread thread as if to hinder it. 

Step 4: In a bathroom, pour water into a large washbasin and find some place to hide. 

Step 5: Place a cup of salt water in the place before starting the game. 

To play:

Step 1: Start at 3 A.M. because that is the time when spirits are most active

Step 2: Give the doll a name 

Step 3: When the clock strikes three, close your eyes and say “First tagger is (doll name)!” three times. (If you’re talking to the doll, you must talk sternly.)

Step 4: Go to the bathroom and place the doll in the washbasin. 

Step 5: Turn off all the lights

Step 6: Close your eyes and count to ten. Ready your your weapon and head to the bathroom. Go to the doll and say "I found you (doll name)!" and stab the doll. Afterward, close your eyes again and say "Now (doll name) is it!" three times

Step 7: Place the weapon next to the doll and go to your hiding place. You MUST lock the door as well as all other doors and windows.

Step 8: Drink the salt water, but do not swallow or spit it out. The salt water will protect you from the spirit. 

To end:

When you want to end the game, take any leftover salt water or alcohol and find the doll. Keep in mind that the doll may not be in the bathroom and there have been instances of it being outside. When you find the doll,  Spray the salt water in your mouth on the doll and do the same with the excess water you have left. Close your eyes and shout “I win! I win! I win!” The spirit in the doll will give up and and the game ends. It is advised to dispose of the doll by burning it. 


  • Keep the game under two hours. After two hours, the spirit in the doll will be too strong to be removed.
  • You must play alone. The more people there are, the higher the chances of someone getting possessed.
  • Don’t go outside
  • When hiding, BE SILENT
  • Turn off all electronics before starting
  • When running away, DO NOT LOOK BACK. Also, don’t fall asleep while playing. The doll might stab you. 
  • When discovered by the doll, you can get a small wound or even get possessed. If found by the doll, be careful because your weapon will be somewhere on the floor or in your pocket.
  • After the game is over, it is important to clean up properly. Be sure to put salt in every corner of the house, especially places where you put the doll and where you found it. Salt is said to scare away spirits. 

People who have played have reported some of the following events that usually take place while playing:

  • TV changing channels on its own
  • Perfectly normal lights flickering 
  • Doors opening and closing
  • Hearing the sound of laughter

Jaydelynn’s POV
I woke up early on a Saturday morning. I got in the shower and scrubbed all over my body with my Carmel Dove soap. I hopped out of the shower and skipped over to my side of the bathroom that Perrie and I share.
You’re probably wondering who is Perrie. You see Perrie is my best friend. Our moms were best friends in high school and when my mom had me and Perrie’s mom had Perrie we instantly clicked. We did everything together.
And when we graduated from high school we decided to move in together and take online classes.
When Perrie got a boyfriend named Zayn I was kinda heartbroken because I had formed a teeny tiny crush on her but I just left it alone. Zayn was and booty flake , he would always grab and grope me when Perrie wasn’t looking. But 2 months ago Perrie saw him kissing another girl so she broke it off with him. She was sad and furious, mostly furious so she took up boxing. I then started to form feelings for her I never had for anyone else.
Anyways back to the story.
I went to the sink and brushed my teeth and washed my face.
I put on a pink lace bra and underwear set.
I looked through my closet and put on a pair of light high waisted jean shorts and  a black  t-shirt. I went to my sock drawer and pulled out one knee-high neon green sock and one knee-high neon pink sock. After putting on my socks I went to my closet and got my bel-air 5’s. As soon as I put my shoes on I realized that I did not do my hair so I walk back to the bathroom. I grabbed my curling wand and curled my turquoise blue hair and pit on some lightpink lip gloss. I then put on some mustache rubber wristbands. I don’t  wear make-up so I walked downstairs and Perrie was in the kitchen make breakfast. She was wearing a checkered crop top, red leggings and a pair of white Toms. Her hair was styled into a messy ponytail with baby hairs loosely hanging on her beautiful face. She had red lip gloss on her lips and two bracelets on her wrists
” HELLO Jaydelynn you’re staring! ” Perrie said while snapping her fingers
” Oh sorry! I didn’t notice.” I said while blushing
” Its okay babe.” She laughed.
” So I was thinking we could go to that new carnival that just opened. ” I said trying to change the subject
Her excitement is another thing that made me fall in love with her. We ate and then when walk to the carnival


We rode almost every ride but the Ferris wheel.
” We should go to the photo booth to remember this. ” Perrie suggested
I nodded in agreement. We walked over to the booth and slid in.
In the first pic we pulled the duck face.
In the second pic we pulled the blow fish face.
In the third pic we just smiled.
In the fourth pic i grabbed her face and kissed her soft lips.
When we got out of the booth, I grabbed the two pictures the machine produced.
” I can’t believe you did that.” Perrie gasped
” I-I I’m so sorry Perrie, I don’t know what took over me. I’ll just leave I know I’m disgusting. I’m so fucking so-” I stumbled over words before I was cut off by Perrie’s soft lips on mine.
” You’re not disgusting I’ve been wanting to do that but I thought you didn’t like me that way so kept it to myself. ” Perrie admitted
” So you love me? ” I said with tears forming in my eyes
” Yes. I love you so damn much I’ll scream it out to the carnival. ” Perrie said while preparing her lungs.
” I LOVE JAYDELYNN TORALEI RAMEREZ  SO FUCKING MUCH AND NOTHING WILL CHANGE THAT!” She yelled at the top of her lungs, snatching the attention of the whole carnival.
Some smiled and some ‘awwwed’.
A boy about our age started chanting ‘kiss kiss kiss’.
Soon everyone was chanting.
So Perrie looked at me and kissed me. Her soft tongue ran over my bottom lip asking for entrance. I granted it. Soon we pulled away breathing heavily.
” I love you Perrie Louise Edwards.” I said blushing
“I love you Jaydelynn Toralei Ramerez .” Perrie said smiling
“Oh and here’s the picture from the booth on for me and one for you.” I said while handing her the picture.
We walked home in a comfortable silence. Till I broke it.
” Hey I never actually asked you but will you be my girlfriend?” I asked her smiling
” No.” She said with no emotion making my smile drop
” What? but- but I-“
” Sike just playing of course I’ll be you’re girlfriend.” She laughed
I started laughing along with her.
When we reached home we changed into PJ’s and laid in my bed. We cuddled up under the blanket.
I fell asleep with a smile on my face knowing I had the best girlfriend ever.
The end.